Evaspire Services is a Waterless Carwash Company registered with Dubai Economic Development (DED). Its main activity is offering Premium waterless carwash services.
We know that more than 95% of the car owners take care of their favorite car as their extended family member. Each car owner take care of their car mechanically as and when required to be serviced and maintained, but how about keeping your favorite car clean and shining on every ride.
Yes, many of the car owners spend their own dedicated time to clean the car at least once in a week, many would rather prefer the cleaning service providers for cleaning. So how are we going to be different than conventional car cleaners? You may find the interesting facts in the below descriptions. We do not claim to say that the technology we have adopted is our sole invention, in fact this is one of the existing methods currently available in the market. However, we have adopted the technology and we serve with an immense love to the service which makes us different and unique from others that makes your car smile always.
The Evaspire Waterless Car Wash Service has been specially developed for operation on Buildings, Villas, Hotels, Fleet service parking's, big shopping centers, business and entertainment centers, so the residents, customers, employees and visitors could leave their cars on the car park and have them hand washed and kept in sparkle clean finish for the next ride on your favorite car.
Thanks to the unique cleaning formula we use and the special approach we have, our method or cleaning cars do not produce effluent and run-off and do not require operation from dedicated bays. No matter is it an open car park or a multi-storey one, we can provide our service at any of the available bays.
Evaspire is a high quality waterless, eco car cleaning service on a reasonable price! Our major goal is to promote an eco-conscious approach to the car wash industry as well as an awareness and participation of the customers in the preservation of the natural resources.
The Evaspire waterless uses less than 250ml of water for a single wash. Choosing Evaspire car wash for your next service provider, together we could save more than 200 bottles of water every single time.
Multiplying this to the average number of car washes per year /average of 10 visits to the car wash/ and by the number of vehicles in the UAE, we could easily estimate the amount of water we could save for a year - over billions of gallons. But saving water is not a single achievement - by going waterless, we also reduce the consumption of energy used by water supply companies for processing and delivery of water to our households or to the car wash. This cut down the carbon emissions pumped out into the atmosphere and combat the global warming!
Go Waterless! Catch the Evaspire and together we can make the world better and greener place for the generation to come!


We use water less car wash technology.

Reduces the water consumption to 25O ml per wash, while a normal takes a minimum of 40 liters per wash. Our products are safe and eco friendly.


100% biodegradable, petroleum free, waterless car cleaning products from Europe, typically contains a mix of nano emulsion citrus formulation and cleaning agents that lift and surround dirt particles.

Significantly longer lasting shining effect and protection against UV and other harmful. This allows us to wipe the surface of the Vehicle clean, removes bugs, tree sap, scuff marks and road tar to leave your car looking spick and span.

Microfiber cloths

Colour coded Biodegradable micro fiber cloths are used.

Our method dose not Leave scratch and cleaning marks on the car unlike regular cleaners.

Anywhere Washing

Car washing can be done in any parking areas, Villas premises and garages.

Protects the environment, no damage to property. No slippery surfaces.

Individual Solutions

Tyre polish, Rim Polish and Mirror polish are all individual solutions and individual Colour coded micro fiber cloths.

Eco friendly, no harm to any part of the body and perfect finish.